IFFC Official

The IFFC ExCo Committee members Nasir Ahmed and Kagashani main tasks are to supervise the IFFC matches. Both have many years experience of organizing, watching, and supervising IFFC matches and are well known among the IFFC members. Even if the ExCo chairman or members of the Supervising Committee / Disciplinary Committee are present at the match, the IFFC Official on duty is fully in charge (Highest Deciding power) for organizing the scheduled matches. During a match day, the IFFC Official on duty has following responsibilities.

Equipment / Documents to  bring every match

  1. Match reports
  2. List of registered players for each team + list of pending registrations
  3. 3 IFFC match balls
  4. A football pump
  5. Emergency wigs/shirts in case of teams brought the same uniform colors
  6. Two captain armbands in case a team forgets to bring one
  7. A sports watch to time the match
  8. Enough pens, clips, glue, etc. to borrow to teams

Before the Match

Arriving about an hour before the match

  1. Check the pitch condition, nets, lines, corner flags.
  2. If the Official or the pitch owner cancels the match (rain, snow, etc.) he shall immediately contact the scheduled teams and the rest of the ExCo.
  3. Check the team’s arrival and supervise the teams entering the field. Only before, in half time and after the match, the IFFC is obliged to consult any IFFC related matters ONLY directly to the team leader or captain. Players/supporters must approach their own team leader who can then approach the IFFC Official.
  4. Check the referees’ arrival and supervise the scheduled referee plan of the match
  5. The IFFC Official collects the match fee before the match.
  6. Check the properly filled out match report from teams and the officials before and after the match including own comments about the match in the report
  7. Up to 15 minutes before the match, the IFFC Official verifies if the players on the match report have registered on the IFFC website before the weekly deadline (6pm on Friday) using the list of registered players. Any player that is not on this list will have to write his full name and sign on the match report in front of the IFFC Official and he will be allowed to play 1 game in Premiere League and 1 game in First Division in the same weekend before being completely registered on-line. Any unregistered player who played once in the league this season will automatically be put on the registration pending list till he has completed the on-line registration before next Friday at 6 pm. Any player on the pending list is not allowed to play.
  8. In problem cases (player on the match report and pending list, no proper uniform incl. socks, players without shin guards, Uniform with Back-Numbers problems), not having paid the match fee, or other reasons including security, safety, etc., the IFFC official MUST and will delay the start of the match until the problems solved.  In case the match starts more then 15 minutes later because of one team clearly being unorganized, could result of loosing the match before it even started.

During the Match including Halftime Break

  1. The IFFC Official records the time of each half. Only he shall inform the teams upon asked how much time is played (not the referee).
  2. Supervise the match and support the officials in task (outside players/supporters stepping back from the sidelines, advising and reminding teams/supporters off the field to behave and calm down.
  3. Only the IFFC official and the main referee can to stop an ongoing match, they can call both team captains to appear at the referee desk and have the right expel players or supporters from the field in case of misbehavior or security reasons. Each team must swiftly follow the orders given and only after the match (after IFFC Official consulted with the referees) a full explanation of the reason will be produced to the team leaders.
  4. If the IFFC Official in an ongoing match notices a player without shin guards or problems with his uniform (socks, number), he will inform the referee who will ask the player to leave the field immediately to resolve the issue. If the player does not swiftly leave the field, the match will be stopped until the player finally left the field and only may re-enter when the issue is solved and checked by the 4th official.
  5. If during the match, the official IFFC match ball gets shot over the fence, on a roof, etc., it is the duty of the teams (substitute players of team supporters advised from the teams who currently play the match) to search and collect the ball. To run after balls shot over the fence is NOT the duty of the IFFC Official or 4th table referee. If an IFFC ball is lost during a match, the two teams who played at the time will be billed 50% each to buy a new ball.
  6. In the halftime break the IFFC Official arranges the referee to sit and rest at the referee table and summarizes and advises the referees like a coach.

After the Match

  1. The IFFC Official counts and collects the match balls. If a ball is missing he will inform both teams and if the ball is not to be found, both teams will be obliged to share the costs for buying a new match ball.
  2. The IFFC Official checks the correctness of the match report after both team leaders and the referee signed it.
  3. Consults the team leaders about questions and complains.
  4. Oversee that both teams clean up their garbage and leaves nothing behind.