IFFC Supervising Committee (SUPERCOM)

IFFC SuperCom Members

General Secretary: Gary Sanders
Vice General Secretary: Keith Bradbury
Members: Philippe Healey

IFFC SuperCom’s Tasks

Rules & Regulations highest authority

The SuperCom’s main task is to review and amend the IFFC rules and regulation in several meetings throughout the season. Before the start of the season and before the start of the second part of the season, the IFFC SuperCom will provide the IFFC and its teams the newest edition of the IFFC rules.

Supervise the IFFC Exco

The SuperCom supervises League related tasks of the ExCo. This includes the final league system, the league schedule, pitch matters and the referee organization. In case of disapproval, the ExCo is asked for alternative solutions so at the end both the ExCo and the SuperCom can jointly support League related matters.

The SuperCom with the ExCo appoints the DisCom

There will be three appointed DisCom members (class A) who cannot be SuperCom member at the same time and also 2 substitutes (class B) will may also be SuperCom member.

Before the season: SuperCom can impose team restrictions and halt the registration process

The SuperCom evaluates each team wishing to participate in the IFFC. The SuperCom has the authority to halt a team to enter/register in the next upcoming Season of the IFFC League with a clear plausible explanation of the reason(s). Any team, who in prior seasons of the IFFC (or even other leagues like Club Football) experienced or produced any kind of problems (examples: disciplinary history, drop out during a season, unfair sportsmanship, open fees or late payments, too unorganized/failed to register players who played, etc.) are good reasons of the SuperCom to halt a team to normally register with the IFFC. The IFFC SuperCom and the IFFC ExCo can establish and impose certain registration restrictions on a team with a problematic history. This could include: a higher deposit, barring certain team members of a leading and responsible position of their own team, deny certain team members the entry into the IFFC while accepting the rest of the team, imposing special conditions which need strict following, ask for a special medical checkup to ensure the player is fit to play, etc.

The final step would be the SuperCom and the ExCo can at the end fully deny a team entering the league.